R o s e g a l: Top Recommendations.


Hello, as I said before, Rosegal is one of my favorite online stores and today I am very
happy to bring my wishlist of the Rosegal Top-Recommendations
 products on the page, all these items have incredible discounts, and all direct links to the
products They will be under the images.

    C O U P O N C O D E   

Extra 22% off, FOR ORDERS OVER 20USD,
 Use code :RGN20

1. Buttoned Plain Sweatshirt: This first item is very basic but I love it, I think it is a perfect
gift for my boyfriend because it combines very well with everything and black is always a success.

2. Criss Cross Midi A Line Dress: When I saw this dress for the first time on the page

I loved it, I am not much of using colors in my outfits and less the green color because it is not
my favorite but this particular tone is beautiful. The dress this type of form that suits any type
of body, it is also very elegant and can be used without problems for the holidays that approach
with the month of December.

3. Stripe Graphic Casual Pullover Sweater: The other month is my boyfriend's birthday
so I am looking for gift options for him, I chose this sweater because I like the color a lot and I
feel it would fit him very well.

favorite month after April (the month of my birthday), so I chose a couple of products that have
to do with the era that is coming, such as these stickers that are beautiful, and can be pasted
on glass or any surface.

wanted to have a dream catcher and if it shines better, so when I saw this do not hesitate to
add it to my wish list.

6. Christmas Pattern Hanging Metal Candy Box: This is a box with Christmas motifs that can

be used to store sweets but I would use it to store my accessories, rings, earrings, necklaces, or
at least the ones I use more and I want to have more within reach.


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