Pink wishlist from Zaful.

Hello friends.  Today I will show a selection of clothes from the site Zaful, which all girls will appreciate. I love pink clothes. Pink long sleeve dress dresses that I liked most. Wishlist contains dresses with a long sleeves, which for the autumn is relevant. After all, it will soon become cold and we will get warm clothes out of the closets.

 Belted Embroidered Long Sleeve Dress A beautiful embroidered dress can be worn at parties or at work.
 Ruffle Puff Long Sleeve A Line Dress A free-cut dress can be worn for study at a school or college or at a meeting with friends at a cafe.
 Side Slit Long Sleeve Velour Dress The dress of velvet is beautiful. This outfit will warm on the coldest day.
Crochet Floral Applique Chiffon Dress A dress for romantic meetings or holidays.


  1. Классная подборка! люблю пудрово-розовый оттенок))

  2. gorgeous pieces! anyway, thanks for the follow! i followed back.
    keep in touch :)

  3. какая нежность! хорошая подборка!

  4. Даже мне, с моей любовью к черному, пудрово-розовый полюбился))

  5. Great post dear! :)
    Soslu Badem by Dilek ...


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