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Zaful Black Friday! Credit cards at the ready!

 This Friday is special, it's the BLACK FRIDAY(Nov. 24, 2017), are you already gearing up to overfill your shopping appetites? If you love a good style steal online retailer, Zaful will probably be the first port of call when shopping online. This year, Zaful Black Friday Sale offers you: Even more insane deals than ever & The Big Sale last even longer! But before you hop into Zaful's Black Friday Sale, do a research and plan wisely is a smart way to save more cash. Let's check out our A-to-Z guiding list and do things right!

Big Promotions(Nov. 24 - Nov. 29)
Be ready for the biggest discount of 2017. From (November 24th - November 29th), buy 3 and get 1 for free at Zaful's best seller list! If that's not what you're looking for, we have our "New faves & New arrivals" zone standing by. Up to 50% OFF discounts are waiting to satiate your fashion needs!

Zaful Black Friday Carnival(Nov. 24 - Nov. 29)
Cutthroat price is the most common thing during Black Fridays. Who doesn't love cheap goods? From November 24th - November 29th, 3 different discounts: 20%/30%/40% will be marked on selected products!
40% off select items on Nov. 24 & Nov. 27
30% off select items on Nov. 25 & Nov. 28
20% off select items on Nov. 26 & Nov. 29
Look carefully and memorize it by heart(or your cell phone).Don't mix up the time and lose your opportunity. That is to say: Set an alarm clock!

Shipping & Refund
2 days free standard shipping (24th & 27th ), 5 days free express shipping!( 24th - 29th )(Over $79)
From 24th - 29th you may refund by using self-service as well. Return warranty extended to 45 days. This is a service upgrade only for Black Friday.

Share Your Order To Get It Free! (Nov.24- Nov.29)
Getting freebie is easy. Screen-shot your order during ZAFUL BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY. Share it on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter with (#ZFfree) and tag (@zaful). 15 lucky winners will be chosen from all and will receive her/his full order cost to the original payment account! Let become the luckiest person this month among all your friends!

Win Free Gifts (Nov.27- Nov.29) & Gift Cards (Nov.24- Nov.26)
1) Once your shopping bag reaches $79 from November 27th to 29th, you can choose a secret gift! There are various selections to discover. No spoilers here, check it out yourself!
2)From November 24th to November 26th, 10 winners with the highest daily order amount wins themselves a gift card! Who will be the final winner? (The gift card value equals to 50% of the order price, up to $100.)

Hope you find this guide helpful, but also be advised, this is just a bit, and there are more to discover, Zaful Black Friday sale are waiting for you to explore. Don’t miss this opportunity or you will have to wait for another year!



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Привет, друзья! Одним из моих любимых средств для очищения кожи лица является гидрофильное масло. Сегодня расскажу о гидрофильном масле украинского производства Фабрики натхнення.  В свое время я пробовала создать гидрофильное масло самостоятельно, следуя многим рецептам из интернета и посещая мастер классы, но так ничего путного у меня не получилось. Поэтому с удовольствием покупаю это средство и пользуюсь.

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